Wednesday, November 1

Lots of New Toys

Since no one comes to our house for Halloween (we live on the wrong side of the tracks here in So Pas. All the fun is to be had on the other side of Fair Oaks), we went out and Looked at New Cars, New TV's, and had some food. Best of all, I bought a New Camera!!! Yeah!!!

Now I have no excuse for not blogging, and if you believe that...

I received some fun things in the mail over the last few days and with my new Canon Powershot A540 (the best deal is at Target of all places) here are pics of what I got.

I ordered a small Project Bag from
Jillian(the enabler that she is) was going on about how much she liked hers and so of course I had to go check it out and I had to buy one for myself.

I love it. It is just the right size, has places for needles and one of the best things is the hole for the yarn to come through!

They even send freebies with the package.

The other package that came the same day was the new "Socks that Rock" club yarn.

It matches the bag perfectly! I even put their little emergency skein that comes with the yarn on my new bag.

So there you go, new play toys all around. Doing the Happy Dance!!