Sunday, January 13

First Video Podcast!!

Unraveled is having a Celtic Tote knit-along starting this week. We are trying to make it a mutli-media event. You can participate by coming to the store, by watching videos on the website, and the Unraveled Yarn group on Ravelry.

I made a video with tips and tricks for the pattern. It was a lot of fun to put together.

It was a little nerve racking and there are already things I want to change next time. But all and all I think it is pretty cool.

Check it out KAL Video
Of course the only reason that this was even possible is because video production is what DH does so I have access to the equipment and more importantly the expertise.

Thanks Sweetie!!

Sunday, January 6

2007 Knits and Simply 2008

Here are my knits for the year. I think there are a few things that I didn't get pictures of and are gone off to their new owners. But all in all this is it. Much of my time and energy has gone towards knitting for the store and classes. This year we are revamping classes and such at the store, more drop-in kinds of things, so the prep time should go down.

I want to knit much more for myself and family this year. Even though all the things I knit for the store are my idea, I still knit with "what would be good for the store in mind". So this year it is going to be what is good for the me and the family first and then add store things.

I hope I can actually pull that off. It sounds like a good goal.

A P.S. to this post. I don't do resolutions. I am not disciplined enough for them. But an overall goal or theme for the year usually helps me in all areas. After thinking about my knitting above I realized that I really do have a theme running already this year. Simplify. What does that mean? With everything I am doing I want to simplify my life. Consume less, be deliberate in my choices, eat simple foods, fresh foods, make small changes over the year that add up to big changes as time goes on. Simply and consistently keep life simple. This easily fits with being pickier about what I am knitting and why I am knitting it.