Tuesday, March 11

I Must Knit Faster

I have come to the conclusion that I have to learn to knit faster. There are just too many things to knit and not enough time. I know that that is the way all knitters feel. But really, have you looked at my queue on Ravelry or my list of favorites? I want to do them all and I am having a really hard time making choices.

I was going to knit for myself this year. What happened? I have been doing class knis for Unraveled and that always takes more time then I think it will and I have some good classes coming out of them. So I really can't complain about that.

My great joy is the new baby in my life. One of my dearest friends just had her first baby. she is an older mom which means I get to play with a very small baby. That has to be one of the greatest joys in life. And of course the second greatest joy is knitting for a baby, the third greatest joy is that she is a girl! Having boys of my own and nephews this is so much fun!!

Right now on the needles I have a pair of socks, presto chango #2, Cocoon Lace Scarf, Montego Bay, Celtic Tote, Mom's golf club covers, a hibernating felted stash tote, and my "larger then life" bag that needs lining and finishing.

The solution? Knit faster so I can enjoy knitting all the things I want to knit. I am going to try and do combination knitting. I hate the continental purl. But after watching Mary knit today, I think that maybe combination is the answer.

But of course I am deluding myself. No matter how fast I knit there will always be more to knit. So really I need to knit, enjoy every stitch, and enjoy all the ideas and inspiration that is out there in Ravelry land. Because after all, isn't knitting supposed to be relaxing?
Didn't KnitDad just have the same post?

One Day Beret by Kirsten Kapur, free online pattern

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