Monday, June 14

Waxing Needles

I love love love knitpixs needles.

I have the interchangeable set and use them almost exclusively.
They have several finishes to choose from. My default choice is the Harmony wood ones. They feel so nice in my hands, smooth, they are really beautiful, they have wonderful pointy tips and you cannot beat the price!

The smaller sizes, size 3 and under, don't come in the interchangeables so you have to buy them separately. The needles are too small to fit into the screw join on the interchangeables.

Most of my fellow students have these needles and we all love them.

The smaller wood ones are prone to splitting and breaking. I find that any wooden needles in the thin sizes have this tendency. They are like knitting with toothpicks!
But all you have to do is call knitpicks and they will send you new ones. No questions asked and you don't have to mail your back!! What a deal.

We were talking about this issue some and Christine (Unraveled) commented that waxing them before you use them could help them not break. The wax will fill the in pores and that should make them stronger.

So I have a beeswax candle that I am going to use. I suppose you can use any kind of wood wax or candle wax. I will report back in a few months and let you know how it is working.

Friday, June 11

Family Fun

The Last few weeks have been great for both Wes and Josh.
Those Two Babies have all Grown Up into
Two Wonderful Men

Wesley Graduated from the Academy of Arts University in San Francisco.
He has a BFA in New Media.
In other words, he is a mean artist on the computer. He knows how to use all those really hard and very very very time consuming programs and creates magic with them.

Some of his portfolio is up on his website.
He has one more class this summer to finish putting all the rest of his work on the website and in all the other forms it needs to be in for prospected employers to view.

Great Job Wes.
We are so proud of you!

And then My Baby turned 23 this week.

That little one is now Tall and Muscular
Very Athletic and Brilliant
Talented in oh so many things
With one of the kindest Hearts around

We wish you a Fabulous and Prosperous year.

Thursday, June 10

What's on My Needles

I have started knitting up the class samples for the classes I am teaching this summer. There are some great projects in my future.

First up is the beautiful Shawl that was on the cover of the spring Vogue Knitting Magazine. Chris M. had to make this and drummed a class full of people so I would offer it as a class. She is really good ay rallying people.

Yup, that "Egg Create" looking thing is lace. It is funny how lace knits up all crumpled like.
The orange edge is a crocheted provisional cast on. I did it like this instead of the way the pattern calls for. It is much easier to take out and your don't have to pick up stitches in the back of 100 or so crochet bumps. That is really tedious. It is there for adding on the boarder that goes around the shawl. I am going to that different then the pattern says too. Hey, that is way my students pay the big bucks to take a class. To see how many times I am going to do it different then the pattern does. Hopefully my changes makes things easier.

How does one make the green crumples look like beautiful lace you ask? Buy blocking the "heck" out of it. You soak it and then when you pin it down you stretch within an inch of its life. I love blocking lace. It is almost magic to see the pattern actually appear.

Next on my needles? A Lace Bag made with chunky yarn! That should be a lot of fun and fast.