Friday, July 21

Great Day

I had a great day! We are having a sale at Uraveled through tomorrow. Many of my SnB group came this morning. I had so much fun helping them spend their money.

I love working at a yarn store!!

I also brought in all my finished Shrugs and we talked the beautiful Mary into modeling for the pictures.

The Finished Projects Extravaganza

Bergamo Shrug from Weekend Knits
I used Cash Soft by Rowen
color Poppy
There were no modifications. I loved using this yarn it feels like butter and drapes really nice.

Crochet Shrug

Pattern is the Cover of the Tahki Stacy Spring Crochet Book
Yarn: I used Blue Heron Cotton/Rayon Tape
Color: Old Gold
Kertzer Kitty Railroad yarn
Color: Stain

Modifications: I made the small shrug. I didn't have enough yarn to do two rounds of the trim. But it looks fine with one. If you make the larger size you will have enough for the trim.

The railroad yarn adds a lot to the look of the shrug. It is a great way to use railroad to spark things up.

Last but not Least:

The Twisted Float Shrug

Pattern is from the Fall issue of Vogue - the cover

Yarn: Lorna Laces shepherd Worsted Superwash

Modification: none. But the next one I make I will make the circle larger so the shrug is longer.

There is a good picture of this on the Twisted Float Shrug KAL

Now it is time to figure out what to make Mom for Christmas. Have no clue. But it is too blessed hot to do much but socks. But as we discussed at the last SnB

"I am not a sock knitter" wink wink

Tuesday, July 18

Has She Fallen and Can't Get Up??

Who me??
I Always Get Up!!

But Really Now, I have to write more often then this.
It has been 6 weeks.
How did that happen?

OK, here come the excuses........
I have been very busy........ even though I haven't put it on the web. I have been finishing UFO's, working on Christmas presents AND........
I have been thinking up and making class samples for the fall and holiday season.

Go Fay Lynn!!

So you will forgive me if I haven't bloged.

Since I have been good at keeping my new "resolutions" (for lack of a better word) I am going to make a new one..........
Yup you guessed it. To blog twice a week.......

No, better make that once a week to start. After I am successful with that I will go for more.