Wednesday, January 26

Knitting Classes

I am starting to put together the class options for the spring. There is always a lot of "gnashing of teeth" during this time, and I have the dental bill to prove it. 

There are so many options! I not only have to narrow it down to a manageable number but pick the classes that people are going to want to take. 

Anyone good at reading a crystal ball? 
Yeah, me neither. 

So I do the next best thing. I create a survey and send it out to my mailing list. By doing this I take a lot of the choice out of my hands and into theirs. So far this has worked pretty well. 

Survey Monkey is a miracle as far as I am concerned. 

Here are a few of the options I am thinking about teaching. 

Mara is a beautiful shawl and great for the beginner. It looks so different with different yarns. This is also a great easy knit for the experienced knitter. 

This simple white one is beautiful

This is the same pattern only smaller. 
Isn't color is such a wonderful thing? 

Presto Chango is an old Favorite. 
Here is the version I knit a few years ago. 

Look at what this creative knitter did!

There are classes to learn new techniques 
or just make something wonderful.

Intarsia or Fair-Isle, Your choice.

Garments with Beautiful Cables

Or a Touch of Lace

These are just a few of the choices. 
Which ones do you want to knit?

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